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Database of Treaties

The database European Peace Treaties of the Pre-Modern Era Online primarily contains digital images of peace treaties. In the case of some of the digital images, microfilm copies (35mm s/w) of treaties which are documented as being held in the archives in question were subsequently digitized (tiff, jpeg). In the case of others, the digital images were made directly from the original.

The database also contains digitized treaties with multiple headers. Under "Copies", the location and call number of the document are given. Under "Transcription", the transcribed text of the treaty is available. It also appears as a tooltip over the image of the treaty. Under "Content", there is a list of the contents of the treaty. Other information relevant to the treaty text and the treaty can be accessed under "Printed versions", "Literature", "Commentary" and "Context".

The "Edition" option leads to an edited version of the peace treaty with annotations and text variants.

Additionally, digitized editions from the 18th century can also be viewed, for example, from the "Theatrum Europaeum" or the "Reichsarchiv". In the case of some peace treaties which transformed the geographical profile of Europe or of a particular region, maps are supplied to show the changes.