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Publication Portal on European Peace Treaties
The topics of "peace", "diplomacy" and "international law" and the diverse ways in which they are interpreted and discussed in academia and the media have been the object of renewed academic interest in recent years. In order to consolidate and further promote research into peace, the maintenance of peace and peace treaty law in the pre-modern era, a publication portal – as a new format – was set up and went live on the Mainz website in the autumn of 2008.
This provides for the first time an online instrument for research and teaching which specifically deals with historical research into peace in the pre-modern era. This portal enables research results to be presented and put up for discussion very quickly, and in multimedia form if required. The research of experts from the most varied fields of the humanities is presented: history, international law, political science, linguistics and art history. The portal publishes essays, presentation scripts, and editions of peace treaties – and in certain cases also MA and doctoral dissertations. But reviews are excluded.

The pallet of topics:
The content included deals with the following objects of investigation:
  • Early modern security policy
  • International law, Ius Publicum Europaeum
  • Inter-dynastic and inter-state cooperation (e.g. trade, marriage)
  • metaphors (e.g. balance of powers)
  • Reception of peace treaties in academic discourse and the media
  • Crisis regions and border regions
  • Cultural "accompaniment" to peace negotiations and treaties
  • Cultural and political misunderstandings in peace negotiations

Dr. Martin Espenhorst, geb. Peters

ISSN: 1867-9714

URN: nbn:de:0159-2009011407

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